Discover the store designed exclusively for you! 

Personalised recommendations for you that you can buy immediately.
Find your new fashion looks with just a few clicks - whether you're looking for individual items or an entire outfit.

Your Shop is an additional service that gives you the opportunity to order individual items - instead of a complete box. 

Your Shop offers you several ways to order new outfits and upgrade your wardrobe:


On the one hand you can search for articles from certain categories.

For example, if you only need jackets, you can browse our assortment and choose the right one for you. 

Looks for you

presents you outfits that you can order as a complete set or as individual pieces. 

If you wish, your stylist can complete this selection with additional items.

Complete Your Look

is an additional service for you if you have already ordered from us.

Here you can select an item that you have purchased from us, and you will receive recommendations that exactly match your preferences and the item you have bought.


Or "must-have clothing pieces for anyone's closet".
Discover clothes that never go out of fashion and shop your essentials like t-shirts, underwear or socks right away.

By the way:

All of our personalised recommendations are based on your style, budget, sizes and - if available - your order history.

If you wish, your stylist can add other items to your selection to create a complete look.

You cannot currently find this feature in your womenswear account? 

It’s not you, it is us. We are truly sorry that we can't offer this service for women’s fashion at the moment. But we are working hard to make sure that this will change soon ;)