Like to play a little game?

"Bullseye" is a way for you to show us in detail which items you like and which you don't.

This way we get to know your taste even better and can send you an even more enchanting selection.  We are already working on offering this service to our female customers soon.

You can start and stop the game at any time - there is no starting- or endpoint. 

By the way: You can play this game as often as you like.

How it works:

In regular mode, different items from all categories will be displayed.

If you like the shown item, just click on the heart -
If you don't like it, click on the X 

You also have the possibility to choose a category (or more) and play the game for example only with t-shirts. Just click on the icon in the upper left corner and select the category(ies).

After a turn you will always see the current score:

You can continue playing, request a box or simply close the game:

Your likes/dislikes will then be processed and displayed to your stylists, so that the upcoming selection will match your preferences even more precisely.