We want you to choose the solution that best fits your schedule and lifestyle:

Whether the shipments will arrive automatically and you can lean back and relax, or you place an order manually each time.

‘Autopilot' is the easiest way to keep your wardrobe updated all year long. We recommend it if you want to try on a new selection at a fixed interval. You simply choose whether it should be every 2, 3 or 4 months. This will save you time and your stylist can always inspire you with new ideas and suggestions.

You have full control of the frequency and can of course at any time easily pause or cancel the Autopilot subscription, or skip an individual box.

How do I activate my autopilot and how can I change the frequency?

You can find the autopilot in your profile overview. There you can easily activate it with just a few clicks and adjust it according to your wishes.

Our tip:.

Here you can also postpone, move forward or skip your next box at any time up to one day before shipping.

Can I also tell my stylist wishes for my next box?

Sure, you will be notified of your upcoming autopilot box ahead of time:
The first notification is sent about two weeks before your box is shipped, and then again seven days before. 

Simply reply to one of these emails with your wishes and your message will be forwarded to your stylist.