For technical reasons, a cancellation of your order is sometimes no longer possible. 

This is because we usually start compiling your outfits directly after receiving your order, and the selection is immediately sent to the packaging process and finally to the shipping department - this is how we make sure that you receive your new styles as soon as possible.

Therefore, a subsequent change of your order immediately after being transferred into our systems is unfortunately also not possible (e.g. if you want to have certain articles additionally)

But it is always best to contact us by phone as soon as possible, so that we can have a look at your order and try to meet your wishes. You will find the telephone number at the bottom right of our website.

But step by step ;)

You just received an order confirmation?

No problem - call us, and we will cancel the order.

Our advice:

If you don't want to cancel your box, but rather still have some additional wishes, we can still take that into account at this point.

Do you have a personal consultation with your stylist?

Just tell or write to your stylist that you don't want the box.

Our advice: 

If you like to have certain articles in addition, your personal shopper can realise this instantly and take your wishes right into account.

Have you already talked to your stylist?

It will be difficult to stop the order, because - as already described - we will start styling your box immediately and it will not take long before it is packed and shipped.

In this case, please contact us by phone so that we can check other options for you.

Have you already received your preview 24 hours ago?

Again, it will be difficult. The best is to give us a call.

Have you already received the shipping confirmation?

The shipment can now definitely not be cancelled anymore.
In this case there is only one option:

Please refuse the delivery. The package will then be returned to us.

But don't worry: There will be no costs for you.

What if the package has been delivered anyway?

Simply open the package and return it to us using the enclosed return slip - absolutely free of charge.