You only pay for what you keep, and if you have a voucher, you pay even less - but your new favourite outfit is still every bit as awesome!

So how does it work? 

Please enter your voucher code during the order process

If you want to use a voucher on your order, we advise you to directly enter the voucher code when placing your order. 

That way, it will immediately be deducted from your initial invoice. If the voucher has been applied to your invoice, you will see the adjusted amount right there. 

Please note that the voucher conditions must be met for the voucher to be valid. For example, if the voucher has a minimum keep value of 150 EUR and you only keep for 100 EUR, the voucher will not be valid for this order.

In this case, no corresponding amendment will be indicated on the credit note you will receive after your box has been returned.

If the voucher has been applied, it will have been deducted from your invoice already, so don’t worry if you don’t see another mention on the credit note. This happens automatically, so please check both your invoice and credit note if you are not sure whether the voucher was applied. 

Important note:
Since our campaigns have a limited period of validity, it is usually not possible to enter a voucher code after your box has been shipped. 

Is it possible to exchange a voucher code for cash? 

No. But you can exchange your voucher code for some new nice and shiny clothes! 

Is it possible to use several vouchers in the same order?
No. Voucher codes cannot be combined. Just pick the offer that you like best. 

What about gift cards?

Please add your gift card the same way that you would add any other voucher codes. If it cannot be used up completely for your current order, the remaining balance will be attached to your account as a credit and used for future purchases. 

If you have any questions regarding your gift card, please contact our lovely customer service team (you will find the contact details on our website at the bottom on the right). 

What if you don’t have a voucher but want one? ;)


No worries, we’ve all been there! While we always want to give you a very fair price for your new favourite selection, we cannot always offer discounts (we also need to make sure that we can keep the service up and running, and if we do it for free it won’t be around for long ;) )

However, sometimes we do have special offers. Just subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on facebook and twitter. That way, you are best equipped for your bargain hunt (and the first one to know about any new cool items in our stock!), and can receive voucher codes directly to your inbox. 

My question has not yet been answered
For all other questions regarding vouchers, or in order to find a personal solution to your query, please write an email to our 
customer service or give us a call (you will find the phone number at the bottom right of our website). Please make sure to have your voucher code ready at hand, so that we may help you as quickly as possible.