What payment methods are available? 

We want to make shopping for new clothes as easy as possible for you. This is why we offer you to pay by

  • Invoice (via our partner Riverty)

  • Credit card 

  • PayPal

Please note that not all payment methods may be available at all times. 

Why do I need to enter a credit card number or paypal? 

I would like to pay by bank transfer / pay by invoice.

If you are being asked to enter a credit card number or paypal for your order, it means that we cannot offer you an invoice as a payment option for that particular order. 

My credit card / paypal was charged even before the box was shipped!

No worries. You only pay for what you keep, and we do not charge any additional fees. However, in some cases, we may want to reserve a certain amount (for a short time period) on your credit card / paypal, or ask you to make a partial advance payment. 

If that is the case (for example, if you have never shopped with us before and we feel that we don’t know you well enough to ship a box full of new outfits to your address yet),

we would of course inform you very transparently during the order process. 

All advance payments will be offset against the final amount. If you decide to keep for less, we will of course refund the overpaid amount automatically and immediately. 

How can I manage my payment methods?

You can add payment methods or update existing payment information in your dashboard. Just go to “My Settings” -> “Payment Options”. If you currently have an active order, the change will only be effective for all future orders. 

My last order was paid to Riverty, but I would rather pay by credit card / paypal

No problem! Just go to your dashboard and register your credit card / paypal as the default payment method (“My Settings” -> “Payment Options”). 

Can I pay in installments? 

Unfortunately, our partner Riverty no longer offers this option.
If there are any complications regarding punctual payment, please do not hesitate to contact customer service via service@outfittery.com