There are various ways to order your OUTFITTERY box, depending on whether you are ordering for the first time or are already a regular customer. 

Are you ordering for the first time?

In that case, please first complete our questionnaire so that your stylists can send you an OUTFITTERY box that is perfectly personalized to you. 

With our style quiz you show us what you like, what you don't like and for which occasions you want to be perfectly dressed. Of course we also need your sizes. In addition, you can also specify the price range, for example, what you want to spend on a stylish shirt. 

This way our style experts can find exactly the dresses that suit your personal taste, size and budget.

At the end of our questionnaire, you can schedule a consultation with your stylist, request an online preview, or order directly.

Then just click on the button "confirm order" and your new personal stylist will start compiling your brand new outfits.

Do you already have an account?

1 - Your personal stylist box

Just log in and order your personal stylist box.

Usually, this order option is shown in the upper right corner.

When you scroll down on the home page, there is also another order button.

2 - Showroom

You can also request a new OUTFITTERY box at any time via your own showroom, which is updated weekly for you:

Simply choose from the suggested 5 outfits the items you like and then click on "Order box now".

Your stylist will put together the items you have selected, find an alternative - if no longer in stock - or possibly add other matching garments.

3 - Our special tip: Autopilot

Use our autopilot to automatically get a box created especially for you at intervals set by you - and as always: shipping and our service is free of charge.

The autopilot box can of course be canceled at any time (unless it is already on its way).

More information about the Autopilot can be found here [Link to the article: What is the "Autopilot" and how does it work}.  

4 - Our Newsletter and news from your stylists

Order with our newsletters (with the benefit of always being informed about trendy campaigns and brand new outfits). You will also find an order option in your stylists' emails (with the note about the update for your showroom).

5 - My Shop

This time you only want to order single items, not a whole box?

This is also possible with OUTFITTERY.

Feel free to use our offer in "My Shop".

For detailed information on how to shop individually selected clothes, click here: [Link to FAQ “What is "Your Shop" & what can I best use it for?”]

6 - Your personal stylists

If you have ordered with us in the past, you should already have the contact details of your stylist (phone number or e-mail address).

Just make a quick call or write a message. 

Your personal shopper will take care of everything else.

7- Get in touch with our helpful customer service.

Again: Just call or write an email:

You can find the contact details at the bottom of the website. 

We will gladly pass on your wishes to your personal stylist.

Last But Not Least:

Ordering your new favorite clothes is just as easy with our OUTFITTERY app.