Sustainability is important to us at Outfittery and is an important consideration in our partnerships and own endeavors.

We are focused on the environmental and social impact of our service and production, and are constantly working to improve wherever possible.

We make sure that as many products as possible 

  • have a relevant proportion of organic or recycled materials

  • have been produced in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way

  • have been produced under socially acceptable conditions along the supply chain

Of course, not all of our brands meet our high standards yet, but the trend is positive (currently almost 50% of our garments are sustainable).  

We are very happy that we can already offer you a variety of brands that meet our high standards and have been certified by independent associations.

We want you to feel good about how or where your new outfits were made. 

Just let your stylist know that you prefer sustainable clothing or clothing made in Germany/Europe.

We will do our best to meet your wishes.

Some sustainable labels waiting for you are:

Armed Angles

  • GOTS certified

  • All materials are certified organic as far as possible.

  • The cotton originates from Turkey

  • Fairtrade certified

  • Member of the Fairwear Foundation

Knowledge Cotton Apparel

  • Sustainability is at the core of their business model:
    organic cotton, organic wool, organic linen, Tencel, recycled polyester and nylon

  • GOTS and GRS certified


  • Recycled PET, organic cotton, chrome-free leather, organic jute and recycled cotton as preferred materials.

  • Fair Trade: Organic cotton comes from farmers' associations in Brazil and Peru who harvest it with respect for people and the environment. Each year, up to 40% of the harvests are pre-financed


  • Eco-fair leather products made in Germany

  • Exclusively vegetable-tanned full cowhide from European production

By the way:

We are already working on reducing our ecological footprint in terms of shipping, packing, electricity and in many other little ways.

For example, our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and is FSCTM certified. 

One of our upcoming projects will be testing out boxes that are not only 99% recycled (20% recycled ocean plastic), but also re-usable up to 20 times. 

We will keep you informed and present new initiatives here, on our website and in our newsletters.