For years, we were the number one location for curated shopping for men, but lacked a corresponding service for women. This had to change! 

As of October 2021 we offer both men’s and women's fashion alike.

I have a menswear account. Can I order a womenswear box with it?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

We kindly ask you to create a brand new account for your womenswear boxes.

Please note that each account must have its own unique email address.

If you only have one email address, the previous account must first be deleted in order to create the new one. Please contact our customer service to assist you. You will find the contact details on our website at the bottom right.

How do I create a womenswear account?

  1. Womenswear is currently available in: GermanyAustriaSwitzerlandLuxembourg, France and UK
    If you are situated elsewhere, we hope that we can make womenswear available for you soon!

  2. If you have an existing account, please make sure that you are logged out of this account. 

  3. Choose your locale in the first paragraph above to visit the corresponding website and create your new account. 

Can I use vouchers I got from OUTFITTERY in the past for my new women's account?

Yes, you can also use the vouchers for your womenswear account.