Sometimes a box unfortunately gets damaged during transportation. 

In this case we ask you to refuse acceptance. The box will then be returned to us and we will take care of everything else (including making sure you get a new box as soon as possible).

If your box was delivered with significant damage and you have accepted or received the package (via neighbour, pack station, drop off location, etc.), please take the box to the next post office or service point and file a damage report. 

Very important:

Please do not open the box (we understand your curiosity, but it is important for the carrier to inspect the box exactly how it was delivered to you).

If you have opened the box, please document the condition of the packaging with photos and check if all articles are inside (you will find a list of all shipped items on the delivery note inside the box, or in your online order overview in your dashboard).

Please send us the pictures by email to and let us know if any items are missing.

If no items are missing, you don't have to worry about it and can fully concentrate on trying on the clothes.

If items are missing, you must take the box to a post office or service point and state which items are missing. You will receive a damage report. 

Please send us this report so that we can clarify everything with the carrier. 

Our friendly customer service team will be happy to assist you.