Do you like an item, but it does not fit you?

Read here how to exchange it one size smaller/bigger:

Please let us know via Online Return that the item in question didn’t fit, and that you would like to receive it in another size, specifying the appropriate size.

You can also contact your stylist or our customer service team directly to arrange for the item to be sent to you in the right size.

You then simply return the item with the other items you didn’t wish to keep. Once the returned box has been processed at the warehouse, your stylist will send you the item in the right size. The new shipment will be invoiced separately. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of an item.

You may want to compare two sizes side by side to determine which really fits best. In this case, please contact your stylist who will check the availability of the item in the right size, and make sure to extend the return period for you so that you may keep the box at home until the separate shipment arrives.