At OUTFITTERY we don't just sell beautiful clothes: Our vision is to be your partner in style. We want to accompany you on your journey to discover your unique taste and to help you build, update, or complete your wardrobe - perfectly tailored to you and your life. 

OUTFITTERY is Europe's largest personal shopping service for men and women. 

With us, you will always find something special that suits your individual style. 

We offer you an always up-to-date, constantly changing selection of fashion and accessories that fit your personality, your needs and your lifestyle. We offer over a hundred different brands, including our own exclusive labels that you can't buy anywhere else.

How does our personal shopping service work?

Tell us what you like - we'll find what you love.

First, fill out the questionnaire. With our style quiz you show us what you like, what you don't like and for which occasions you want us to find your perfect outfits. Of course, we also need your sizes. 

In addition, you can also specify the price range, e.g. what you want to spend on a sweater. 

This way, your style expert will find exactly the clothes that suit your personal taste, size and budget. 

Would you like a personal style consultation?

Booking a phone consultation with your personal stylist is highly recommended, for you to benefit fully from their expertise and fashion sense. You also have the option of requesting a preview of the outfit selection, which you may then give feedback on, before it is shipped.

Of course, you can also choose to order a box without having a talk with your stylist or giving feedback. 

Have you ever tried on clothes at home? 

OUTFITTERY offers an exciting way to shop without hassle or pressure, and with the help of a professional stylist! You can take your time and try things on in the comfort of your own home, without feeling like you need to make a decision right away. Plus, it's super convenient! 

Give it a try and see how much you enjoy the experience.

Keep only the pieces that you love! 

If there's anything you don't quite like - no worries: just send it back to us.

Outfittery charges a small styling fee of £10 / 10 €, but it's totally worth it! 

You get your own personal stylist who will analyze your profile and choose the perfect clothes just for you. The fee also includes shipping and returns. 

And guess what? If you end up buying at least one item, the fee is waived completely.

So go ahead, treat yourself to a little fashion indulgence!

More benefits of using our individual shopping service:

  • There are no hidden fees

  • By signing up to OUTFITTERY, you are not obliging yourself to purchase, and no subscription is required. If you like to receive boxes regularly, you may benefit from our Autopilot plan, or simple order on demand whenever you like.
  • In your account you will also find your own personalized store “Your Shop”  where you can instantly order individual items online and find styles based on your favorite pieces and your style specifications. 

  • Buy single items or a complete outfit or just get inspired - whatever you like.