Immediately after receiving your order, our stylists will start composing your box - lovingly curated and individually designed for you.

Typically, it takes between 5 and 7 business days until the box is at your place.

Sometimes it's faster - in exceptions, it can also take a few days longer. 

The exact delivery time depends on various factors that we do not always have direct control or influence (shipping delays, holidays, unusually high level of incoming orders, etc.).

However, we always strive to deliver an order as quickly as possible - without losing sight of carefulness and your personal needs. It’s worth waiting for.

But I need the new outfits very soon, preferably next Friday.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your shipment will arrive on a certain day, just because we can not influence the delivery speed of the respective parcel services. In addition, we currently do not offer express shipping.

Nevertheless, we always try to deliver an order within a few days.