Once you have received the notification by email (or text message) that your preview is available, you have 24 hours to give feedback to your stylist. If you dislike the article, click on 'replace article' and then your stylist can replace the article with another one, and you can leave a comment to your stylist on individual articles.It is important that you give them the feedback as part of the article preview, because if you would send it via text message or e-mail , it can happen that they will not be able to see it in time.
Any items you do not rate will be sent to you by your stylist. This means that even if you are satisfied with the selection, just click on "send feedback". With this click your stylist will know that you have seen the selection and the box can be sent out - even if the 24 hours have not yet expired.
Do not worry, if you did not have time to take a look at the preview, we will send you your selection as before and you can try everything at home. Items that you do not like you can just send back for free.